Mason greenwood return date revealed

After charges against Manchester United young star Mason greenwood as key witnesses dropped out of the case, he is expected to be back to rejoin the squad but his fitness is a key concern for him.

Greenwood who has been out for almost one an a half years since October 2021 last featuring in a match against Leicester city was a key player for the club. Having scored 71 goals and 23 assists in almost 200 games for the club, he is likely to feature for Manchester United next season. Current manager Eric Ten Haag dismissed the press who wanted him to comment on the matter.

Ten Haag is likely to send him in Netherlands to have a private training regime same to Jadon Sancho who is now back to his top form for Manchester United. Greenwood who could play in the center and on the right is waiting for a report from Manchester United who are yet to release it concerning his future at the club.

The women team have a letter sent to Manchester United concerning his return saying that they are not comfortable with it. As the decision lies on the board, we will have to wait for a response any time soon. He still remained on their wage log but was only suspended from the club.

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