How Can You Actually Make $1000 A Day?

Earning $1K a day won’t happen overnight — but this side hustle stacking strategy can get you started.

Figuring out how to make $1,000 a day sounds like a lofty goal — one that equates to $365,000 per year. It might be difficult to find a single source of that much extra money unless you’re a doctor or CEO.

But a high-paying job is just one of the ways to make money like that. The right mixture of hustle, creativity, and financial opportunities can help you figure out how to make money like a boss.

One smart strategy if your goal is to make $1,000 a day is “stacking” your efforts. Specifically, combining your income opportunities with other smart, money-generating and money-saving moves that help you grow wealth.

The step-by-step formula for making $1,000 a day is simple:

  1. Keep working that day job
  2. Find a side hustle that will generate some extra income
  3. Identify additional ways to save or get rewards
  4. Use the extra money you earn to invest and generate passive income

Here’s a look at how stacking side hustles and other money moves can help you quickly scale your income.

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How to make $1,000 a day stacking side hustles

You’re likely familiar with active income: you actively perform work and are compensated for your effort. Active income might get you a steady paycheck, but most people won’t make $1,000 a day from their jobs alone.

That’s where passive income can come in. This is income you earn with no effort or direct work. A common form of passive income is returns and dividends earned on investments. Adding in additional sources of passive income gives you the opportunity to grow your income without increasing the amount of time you spend working each week.

So you can “stack” your way to higher income by having a day job to pay the bills, a side hustle that earns you extra income, and at least one source of passive income. Plus, you can take these earnings even further by adding in smart financial choices, such as limiting your expenses and shopping smarter.

Stacking side hustles, income opportunities, and financial strategies can be tricky. It’s not always obvious which income sources and strategies will combine well. And you’ll also need to devote attention to establishing each layer of your stack to optimize it and get the whole package working well together.

To find what will work best for you, explore your options and experiment with a side hustle stack that seems like it will fit your goals, skills, and lifestyle. For example, You might want side hustles that allow you to spend more of your day online. In that case, shopping for Instacart might not be a good fit, but starting an e-commerce store or building a blog on WordPress might work.

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