You can earn $5 to $80 for LIDAR tasks which take around 1 to 3 hours to complete. Sign up To get LIDAR tasks With Remotasks

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LIDAR is one of the highest paying jobs on Remotasks along with Segmentation, Cuboid Tasks, and reviews. Another way you can make money is by referring your friends to join Remotasks. You and your friend will earn $10 for every successful referral.


Remote Tasks are popular for paying significantly more than any other GPT website. You can work from anywhere if you have an internet connection in order to complete the work and earn significantly.

Users can earn $30 to $40 per month working on Remotasks by working few hours daily. Remotasks pay around $1 to $3 per hour doing tasks such as transcribing, Image tagging, moderating content, and so on.

If you have passed the Remotasks test with a good result, then you will become eligible for higher-paying jobs.

As suggested by its name, Remotasks offers paid tasks to people remotely, meaning that these tasks can be carried out from wherever you can get an internet connection.

Remotasks does what is called crowdsourcing, which means it enlists the help of lots of people through its platform, and pays them for helping with a project or a particular task.

In my Remotasks review today I will be covering all you need to know about the Remotasks crowdsourcing platform to help you decide whether it’s worth signing up to.

We will be finding out how you get started, how things work, how much you can earn At Remotasks per hour, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to sign up.

What Is Remotasks?

Remotasks is essentially a micro-job website that promises to pay you money for performing simple tasks online. 

Some of the tasks you should expect to do include data entry, audio transcription moderating content, tagging images, categorization and so many more.

Remotasks is still relatively new as it was launched recently in 2017.

How To Get Started At Remotasks

Joining Remotasks is free for all freelancers, and it is open worldwide. What might be good news for some is that Remotasks does not have stringent membership requirements, you do however require fluency in English.

Signing up is simple, just go to the Remotasks website and click on the sign me up button. You can sign up either via your Facebook or Google Account. 

You then just need to give your mobile number for verification. When your verification PIN number arrives just enter it on the screen.

Remotasks requires you to go through some training before you get started. This you can do through the Remotasks Training Centre available via the Remotasks dashboard. Completing a course will enable you to start working on a particular project.

This allows you to learn new skills that you may need in the future when doing various tasks that are deemed complex such as LiDAR data.

You may perform these practice tasks as many times as you want until you become competent.

The more training courses that you take the more opportunities will become available.

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